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Who Am I?

Kunal Gehlot is currently pursuing Bachelors in Computer Science program at Jodhpur Institute of Engineering and Technology. Graduating in June 2021, his interests lie in exploring the fields of DataScience and Artificial Intelligence, primarily using Python as the language tool, he was working in Panda Projects as a Project Intern where he developed or partnered in various projects such as Flight Delay Predictions, Speech Emotion Recognition, Detecting Pneumothorax in X-Ray scans (assistant), Self Driving Cars (IoT assistant), Face detection security systems(IoT assistant). Kunal has led various leadership positions including Microsoft Student Partner, Google Explore ML Facilitator at Developer Student Clubs, JGI. He won the Intel Edge AI Scholarship at Udacity and was also nominated for the Student of the Month of Computer Science Department at JIET.

DataScience and ML

Internet of Things



I've just won the Intel Edge AI Nanodegree Scholarship!

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What I do?

Here are some of my expertise

Machine Learning

ML and AI developer with experience in Tensorflow, sklearn, Keras and MATLAB

IoT and Systems

Experience in Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Programming AVR chips

Problem Solving

Quick at finding and solving problems and puzzles such as Crackables 2018


Skilled in drafting professional documents using Word and LaTeX

Project Management

Experienced at working and leading a project from idea to product

Innovative Ideas

Good at recognizing a problem and form ideas to tackle them accordingly

My Specialty

My Skills

I have extensive knowledge of Systems and the Internet of Things with hand-on experience in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence on live projects during my internship.
I'm also working on DeepLearning and completed the Data Scientist Career Track on DataCamp.

Machine Learning






C / C++




LaTeX / Word / PowerPoint



The third year of Computer Science Engineering at Jodhpur Institute of Engineering and Technology, under the Rajasthan Technical University, Kota (RTU).

Graduation: July 2017 - May 2021

Qualification in Science + Mathematics (Physics, Chemistry, Maths) at Delhi Public School, Jodhpur under Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).

Graduated: March 2017

Qualification at Delhi Public School, Jodhpur under Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).

Graduated: March 2015


Work Experience

Microsoft Student Partner Jan. 2020 - Present

Student Partners are a global group of on-campus ambassadors who are eager to help fellow students, lead in their local tech community, and develop technical and career skills for the future.
Mail: [email protected]

Explore ML Facilitator Sep. 2019 - Present

Provide awareness and inspire computer science and related field university students to consider an AI-related path under Developer Student Clubs, Powered by Google Developers at Jodhpur Institute of Engineering and Technology.

AI Team Lead Sep. 2019 - Present

Core team member and AI Lead to build and develop projects and teach others for the same with the Delevoper Student Clubs, Powered by Google Developers at Jodhpur Institute of Engineering and Technology.

ML/AI Project InternJun. 2019 - Jul. 2019 (2 Months)

Worked at a small startup called Panda Projects at WeWork, Sector 15, Gurugram (HR) which works on outsourced ML/AI projects for clients such as flightaware.com for which I developed a project for. My responsibilities included Develop a project from idea to product, in ML/AI and a bit of IoT in Python and working with other interns to discuss and guide them to solutions of various projects.

My projects:
  • Speech Emotion Recognition
  • Flight Delay Prediction
  • Detecting Pneumothorax from X-ray images (Kaggle)
  • Self Driving Car
  • Face-recognition security system
My Work

Recent Work

Flight Delay Prediction

Machine Learning on Python

Voice Emotion Recognition

Deep learning on Python

Smart Lock

Integration of lock hardware and display to a Face Detection Security system on Raspberry Pi.

Smart Home/ Home automation

Using ESP8266 Wemos D1 mini, 2-Channel Relay and a PIR Sensor, set-up WiFi controlled and motion-sensing room lights using Adafruit IO

WiFi Controlled Car

Using ESP8266 Wemos D1 mini and Blynk App on a custom Laser Cut chasis made on AutoCAD.

Robo Fifa

Robo Car made for Robo Fifa competition at Resonance JGI 2018 with PS2 Joystick controller

8x8x8 LED Cube

By CHR on Instructables


Indoor Navigation Proposal for visually impared, selected for Round 2 at Saint-Gobain Scholarship

Manual Digital Counter

By Saiyam on Instructables

Basic Calculator

Made with Logic Gates NOT, Ex-OR and AND to show summation of two numbers with three LEDs on press of either of two buttons to visualize the concept of a processor.
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